Paravoor Circle

0474-2512344 Sub Division - Chathannoor

Paravoor Police circle office was opened on 12.03.1984 vide G.O (MS) 48/84/Home by bifurcating Kundara Police Circle. Chathannoor, Parippally and Paravoor were the Police Stations functioned in the circle earlier and when Kottiyam police station was opened; it was also included in this circle in 1984. In 1994 the circle was again bifurcated vide G.O(MS) 138/94/Home dtd. 16.08.1994 and Paravoor and Chathannoor circle were created. Later vide GO(MS) 13/94/Home dtd. 27.01.1995, the police stations were re-arranged. Paravoor and Parippally stations were retained in Paravoor Circle. Chathannoor and Kottiyam in Kottiyam Circle.


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Police Stations

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Paravur Circle opened on 12/03/1984 vide G.O(ms) 48/1984.


The exact date of opening of Paravur P.S is not known. The new Paravur Police Station was opened vide GO(RT) 691/2010-home 23.2.2010.

Now functioning as Janmamaithri Police Station


Opened on 17/08/1979 vide GO(Rt)1623/1979/Home dated 17/08/1979

Jurisdiction Details

Paravoor and Parippally Police Station Area

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

Loksabha Constituency : Kollam

Legislative Constituency : Chathannoor

Government offices

Government offices at Paravoor PS limit

  • Paravoor & Kottappuram Village Office
  • Sub- Registrar office, Nedumgolam
  • KSEB- Paravoor andPoothakulam
  • Municipal office Paravoor
  • Sub Treasury
  • BSNL Office
  • Employment Exchange
  • Panchayathu office, Poothaklam

Government offices at Parippally PS limit.

  • Parippally & Chirakara Village office
  • BSNL, Parippally
  • IOC Plant


  • Govt.Hospital, Parippally
  • Govt. Taluk Hospital, Nedumgolam
  • PHC Kalakkodu
  • PHC Parippally
  • BR Hospital, Paravoor
  • Paravoor Hospital

Important temples and festivals

  • PuttingalDevi Temple
  • Pozhikkara Temple
  • Kottappuram Temple
  • Poothakulam Sastha Temple
  • Koonayil Ayiravally Temple
  • Chirakkara Temple
  • Kodimoottil temple
  • Vishnu Temple, Pampuram
  • Sreekrishna Temple, Mayiladumpara

Important Churches and festivals

  • Kalakkodu Church
  • Kurumandal Church
  • Nadakkal Church

Important Mosquues and festivals

    Paravoor Town Mosque Thekkumbhagom Mosque Kalakkodu Mosque Parippally Mosque Ezhippuram Mosque

River and Sea

Arabian sea and Paravoor Bake Water